A same day return bus service from Young to Canberra on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Young to Wagga on Tuesday and Thursdays


Bookings can be made by contacting :
Young Community Transport on 63821518

All people using the service will need to be registered with Young Community Transport.

Bookings will be taken during business hours up until 24 hours before the day of travel.

Who Can Use the Service :

The service is targeted at people who are transport disadvantaged, including people unable to drive due to advanced age, distance, health reasons or socioeconomic disadvantage such as, pensioners, retirees on a limited income, younger persons attending education facilities and those without any form of transport of their own. It will focus on increasing independence and enhancing existing transport networks to address access issues across the region.

The service will provide access to connections with bus, train, rail and air services in Canberra and Wagga enabling people to travel throughout the country.